Marlena Cannon Design

That Awesome Web & Graphic Design Lady

About Me

Hi, I'm Marlena! I love helping other small businesses and non-profits with their websites, videos, flyers, and other visual design needs. If you need help with a project, simply contact me and we'll talk. Continue on down the page to view examples of my work, or visit my portfolio on Behance. Thanks for stopping by!

My Skill Set

I can help you with your WordPress site, or code a site from scratch.

I video and create stunning animations.

I create interactive experiences for the web and stand-alone kiosk.

I create logos, flyers and other visual branding.

User scenarios, wire frames - I design the entire experience.

I'd love to work on your project! Contact me and we'll talk.

Recent Works


NerdyCute Brand Identity

NerdyCute is a project by my sister and I to bring more nerdy cute goodness to the world. We create original designs for lifestyle goods. The target demographic for NerdyCute includes people, mainly women, who enjoy expressing their identities with nerdy, cute lifestyle goods and accessories. They include college-educated women in STEM fields between the […]


Pacific Northwest Section PGA Website 2016 is a large WordPress site filled with many resources for golf professionals in the Pacific Northwest Section. In January 2016, I resigned the site to be fully responsive. I created a custom theme based on the Flat Bootstrap theme. I designed the right sidebar to be reminiscent of a sand trap. I decluttered the […]


Hand Drawn Morphing Animation

I created this for a hand drawn animation class in 2002. Fire becomes woman becomes sword becomes fire in 36 frames of animation. GIF made in 2015. Enjoy!